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  • Customer Care

    We offer special customer care services, tailor-made for each client
    through a highly qualified and trained team. More than serving, we
    want to understand the real needs behind each contact we receive or
    make. To us, the customer’s experience should always be the best!

    SAC and Relations

    Each contact is unique, each experience matters. Every client is special and we know that!

    Our highly qualified and trained team serves and connects with our clients’ customers. We know how important real customer care is, and that is why we manage doubts, suggestions and claims related to the products or services offered in a kind and efficient way.

    Claims Management

    Knowing full well the need to carefully and efficiently manage any type of claim that may arise, we work with a highly trained team ready to handle this type of interaction from the moment the client involves us until satisfaction with the product and/or service that gave place to the initial complaint is ensured. We work with a follow-up software, through which we have access to all the laddering, SLAs and actions developed to recover the positive image of our client’s product/service.

    Loyalty and Retention

    Building loyalty and retaining clients in this globalized world, both for products and services, has become an interesting challenge. Apart from quality, marketing and the right price, a product/service must have added value in the eyes of consumers. Through sales training seminars that cover from the main differentials of a product or service up to its direct competition, our team smartly deals with Churn reduction, share increase and the satisfaction of our contracting clients and their customers.