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  • Through an omnichannel platform and by working
    with information strategically we ensure that each
    of our contacts is a unique experience.

    Actionline, a company focused on data analytics.

    Aware of the importance and urgency of approaching the right customer at the right time with an offer or information they actually need, we have set up a well-resourced Business Analytics department where data and information are transformed into productive, effective and profitable contacts, differentiating us from the rest of the Contact Center market.

    Actionline is part of Untold_

    An ecosystem for creative and communications professionals founded in 2014 by Darío Straschnoy.
    From its offices in Sao Paulo, Miami, Mexico City, Bogota, Medellín and Buenos Aires,
    Untold_ works together with its clients to choose the right format to meet their needs

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