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    Maximization of results through intelligence and
    customized approach processes.
    1 Analysis

    We develop advanced analytical algorithms that allow us to understand the profile of each consumer and create customized campaign strategies for our clients.

    2 Campaigns

    We implement customized campaigns that bring fast and profitable results, whether in sales, collection or improving the relationship between brands and consumers.

    3 Channels

    We select the channels based on the current campaign, the profile of the targeted consumers and the strategy of our clients.


    • Customer Analytics

      We help our clients to identify, attract and retain profitable customers creating ideas and strategies based on our analytic experience and market knowledge.

    • A/B Testing

      We make assertive decisions based on A / B tests and dimensioning different ‘What if’ scenarios.

    • Geographic Data Mining

      We identify the socio-economic, demographic and consumption potential of each address in Brazil by applying statistical segmentation methods to an integrated system of public and market information.

    • Statistical Modelling

      We develop algorithms tailored to each business problem, implementing the most advanced machine learning statistical techniques in the market.

    • Collection Scoring

      We study the credit cycle of our clients by developing scoring models to create customized strategies for each consumer based on their profile, time and propensity to pay.

    • Consumer Behavior Patterns

      We study behavior patterns and identify the best product basket to offer customers through ‘Market Basket Analysis’ techniques.

    • Predictive Analytics

      We develop machine learning algorithms to identify segments with different response propensities, maximizing the lifts of each campaign.


    • Sales

      We offer a complete sales support service using specialized teams that work in an integrated and planned manner based on the defined strategy.

    • Customer Care

      We offer differentiated and personalized customer care service for each client, provided by a highly qualified and trained team.

    • Cross-Sell / Up-Sell

      We capitalize on the clients we contact by offering them the products and commercial conditions that best fit their profile.

    • Collections

      We reactivate the relationship between our clients and consumers. We generate the highest possible conversion, optimizing the cost per contact and preserving the client-consumer connection.

    • Retention

      We implement retention campaigns through different contact channels with the aim of reversing cancellation decisions of products and / or services through strategies with high impact on results.

    • Shopping cart

      We design, implement and manage abandoned shopping cart campaigns by selecting the contact channel based on the profile and the ROI of each action.

    • Back-Office

      We guarantee a simple, fast, efficient and intelligent experience to consumers through optimized back-office services for our clients.


    • Telemarketing

    • E-mail marketing

    • Social Networks

    • Virtual agent

    • Chatbot

    • Smart URA