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  • Sales

    We offer a complete sales support system, ranging from
    basic consumer care services to database statistical analysis
    in order to connect with more profitable prospects.

    Active and Receptive Sales Operations

    Working with our Analytics area in a planned and integrated way, the operational teams specialized in sales guarantee a significant increase of lead conversion, higher loyalty levels and important levels of base retention.

    The development of sales processes, real-time control of indicators and frequent motivational campaigns generate more efficiency, speed and quality in all of our channels.


    Cross and Up Sell

    We capitalize clients who reach out to us for a simple consultation, offering them commercial conditions that match their profile, and plans, rates or products that fit their consumption or behavior.

    In a smart, strategic way and through our Analytics area we can cross sales, turning the customer care center into a source of income.


    Market Research and Base Qualification

    With advanced analytics techniques and a highly-specialized operational team, we offer market research to determine the target audience and their respective buying behaviors, assisting our clients in the generation of new business opportunities. In the same way we qualify databases with different types of information, generating added value and adding intelligence to our clients’ process.