Thiago Carvalho
Thiago Carvalho
Thiago Carvalho is the Director of Planning at Actionline. A versatile and dynamic professional which a unique perspective in the face of challenges, the solutions he finds stand out for their creativity.

With 16 years of experience in the outsourcing market, Thiago has been directly involved in the centralization of planning processes at Atento and AlmaViva do Brasil – two of the major companies in the sector, where he is reponsible for having developed multidisciplinary structures, designed and implemented processes and tools, and led successful cases for clients including Uber, Shopee, Itaú, Mercado Livre, Bradesco, Enel, Light, and C&A.

Thiago has extensive experience in team building and leading, pursuing the integration of all members by highlighting and focusing on each person’s unique talents. He asserts that teams that help individuals develop personally and collectively offer the best and most innovative outputs.

Thiago holds a degree in Financial Management from the Faculdade de Tecnologia do Estado de São Paulo (São Paulo State College of Technology or FATEC-SP). In addition, he obtained a degree in Physical Education, and is deeply interested in human behaviour, arts, creativity, and results.